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How To Keep An RP Top Notch

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How To Keep An RP Top Notch

Postby Vulps on Sun Oct 18, 2009 1:05 pm

Just thought I'd hunt up and compile a list, since I'm a Monica:

1. Spell check. Before you click "Submit", read over your post. Twice. If unsure on spellings, check, or use another word.

2. Please, take the Mary Sue test. In fact, take it twice. Use both of the following links: Test 1, Test 2

What's that, you ask? It's a test to see how bad your character is, to put it simply. Basically, it tests to see how over idealized your character is. The higher you get on this test, the more thought you should give on changing your character to make him or her a bit more original. In short, if your character is stunningly gorgeous, intelligent and funny, you might want to add a few flaws.

Or, if your character is gloomy, wears black, has a dark (and over the top) family past, hates the world, and/or is cool and mysterious, (called an "Angsty Sue") you might need to edit your work.

Also, if your character is extremely ugly, stupid, and helpless, by no means does that mean you've avoided creating a sort of Mary Sue. The "Anti-Sue" is just another variation, and you again should consider improving your character.

Other variations of Mary Sue can be found here. Give it a read.

3. While the creator should have an idea on the plot of the role play, things will not always go perfectly. Work it out, and move forward. Also, think carefully before making a role play. Maybe you actually want to write a fan fiction. The other characters aren't your puppets.

4. Related to the previous point: no God-modding. That means, no controlling anyone's character other than your's. Unless a person asks you to handle his/her character (perhaps while he has stuff to do irl), you cannot take control over another character. Nor can you decide if the rock you throw hits the person you throw it back, or the if your hand successfully connects to your opponents cheek.

5. Just because you don't like a person doesn't mean he/she can't be in your role play (unless they do not come up to the standard you expect), or participate freely without you attacking him/her. Don't bring your own issues into the role play.

6. When posting side notes, either do so in a different colour, or within double brackets, or anyway that easily lets the others know that it isn't part of your post.

I'll keep adding to this, and bump it then to let you guys know.
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